It’s ok to be a little shady: shedding light on the contouring trend! By Guest Blogger Tegan Kesler

When you think about your face, do you think about the fact that it’s three dimensional? Traditional one color foundations have a tendency to cover that natural depth and give you a flat look. This is why having a foundation that highlights and contours your face is key!

Maskcara Beauty created a revolutionary IIID foundation that does just that! It’s your concealer, highlight and contour all in one! Highlighting and contouring brings out the best aspects of your face. It lifts your cheeks, brings out your bone structure, gives you a glowing complexion, highlights the things you love and minimizes the things you don’t.

 When I was first introduced to Maskcara Beauty, I was honestly a little intimidated by it being a cream based foundation wondering how it was going to work on my combination skin type. After a few applications and trying different approaches on applying it I finally nailed down a solid routine (more on that later) and I’ve never looked back.

My skin has never looked better since using using this product! My combination, oily/normal skin is also very sensitive and anytime I’ve changed foundations I would always have a breakout. I never once dealt with a break out with Maskcara . As a matter of fact, my skin actually started to clear up! Maskcara products are all natural beeswax based so there’s nothing yucky going onto your face. In return for not putting any harsh chemicals on my face, it not only started to clear up, I also started having that “healthy glow”. I was blown away, my skin had never looked better!

So what is Maskcara you ask? 

Its simple, Maskcara Beauty is here to redefine the routine by 3 things:

Simplify: Declutter and streamline your makeup collection. Buy only what you want, when you want it. All of our makeup comes in super cute, super affordable, individual tins. and with the purchase of 4 or more tins  you will receive a compact of your choice free of charge.  

Better Basics: You’re not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn’t be either. Light your face! with the help of your personal Maskcara artist you will be personally color matched, assisted through the checkout process and also get a crash corse on what HAC-ing is and why its so important!

Save time: Spend more time doing what you love, and less time doing the in between things. I can not stress this enough how convenient  it is for me as a mom of two young children to to be able to do my makeup  and look alive, not sleep deprived, fresh and glowing in literally 5 minutes.

My preferred method of application is with the round end of Maskcara’s 30 second HAC brush for concealing and highlighting and the flat end of the detail HAC brush for contour. If you’re on a budget the Elf ultimate blending brush for highlight and the Real Techniques expert face brush for contour works great as well! let me start by saying a little goes along way! I use the highlight as an all over foundation because I have some redness, hyperpigmentation, acne scaring and uneven skin tone so I like to have more of a full coverage, I start first with a clean, moisturized and primed face and tap not drag my brush into my product and use a couple thin layers of product and build them up to my desired coverage, then I tap into my contour color and apply it in the hollows of my cheeks, along my jaw line, across the top of my forehead and onto my temples. I then go over it all with a damp beauty sponge to blend away any brush strokes and make it look seamless!  I follow all that by setting my face down with a powder, bronzer and powder blush. Lastly I set it all with a setting spray and I use the stay all day setting spray from Maskcara. 

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